Vernez at London Fashion Week!

We were out in Brewer Street getting the inside scoop on what London’s trendiest wear for London Fashion Week.


Fur coats and jackets were making a big statement whilst also keeping the fashionistas warm as they posed.

The tone has shifted and furs are being worn more causally with trainers and backpacks, and in vibrant colours.


The sudden flood of trainers into mainstream dressing does not seem to be going anywhere.

In fact trainers are getting less minimal and more vibrant adding colour pops to outfits.



Its time to hang the skinny jeans ups for a while there seems to be a new trousers trend, pinstriped and wide legged. These trousers make a welcomed arrival with their loose fit and Parisian feel.



The effortless and minimalistic style is looking for an upgrade by mixing more colours and texture.

Silhouettes are getting bulkier and more loose fitting.


We have all seen the metallic trend on the runway’s, but its now time to welcome a little shimmer into your wardrobe. Layering lightweight fabrics in subtle tones are a great way to embrace the trend. Blue lipstick optional!


Its always so fun to meet one of our Vernezer’s in person, so when we bumped into recommended user @esc_Erica i couldn’t pass up a photo op.


The beautiful Erica was out seeking inspiration for new edits whilst catching attention with her fun and stylish ensemble. Embracing the wide leg trouser trend and mixing lace with velvet, she was certainly hard to miss!


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