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How I grew my blog using fashion-focused social media, VERNEZ

By guest blogger, Kea Bose of Haute Unruly

As a new and upcoming fashion blogger, I love using Vernez as another form of social media to enhance my blog, as I would on instagram or twitter. Since there are so many amazing, already established fashion bloggers out there it can be quite hard to stand out and get noticed as a newbie, so it is important to look for new ways to show off your content.

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Vernez is a great way to get out there, get noticed and to also find great new blogs to follow. Since my Vernez page is a reflection of my blog that can determine whether potential readers click on my link or pass me by, it is really important to me that the content I create for my Vernez is of a high quality and that it represents similar themes and styles to my blog. My blog, Haute Unruly, is a personal style story so it features a lot of the outfits I wear everyday. My personal style is quite casual, but also urban, a little edgy and is inspired by a lot of trends you see on the catwalk as well as some iconic fashion moments in history. So I make sure the things I post run along the same lines, which is pretty easy since it is all about personal style, I only post things I really love.

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Like I said, I only post things I really love. So I opt for images I find really beautiful or eye-catching. Most of my images I find on Pinterest, they are fashion images of my favourite bloggers or celebrities or street style icons who are wearing styles I would love to wear myself or that will inspire my future outfit choices. However I also include pictures from my own blog, as another way of showing my personal style. Another interesting thing to create are trend reports showcasing your favourite catwalk trends and designers, I treat these as mini moodboards I can look at for outfit and shopping inspiration.

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The text editor is the latest addition to the app’s great features. And it’s a brilliant one, upgrading that magazine flair. I use the same three fonts throughout all of my posts to show consistency and style. Although some users like to create little captions to include in their posts for extra information I choose to stick to just short titles as I cannot fit in a lot of information. I enjoy thinking of catchy titles to describe the style or look.IMG_1290

Always make a caption defining and describing the look. It is up to you how much you write; I suggest a sentence or two. Too much information in such a small space can seem overwhelming and might not be read, however an interesting insight might attract more followers. Also always tag your posts with their defining features so can can be easily searched for For example #casual – for casual, daywear looks; #pink – for a pink theme, #boho – for a bohemian look. This categorises your posts and pairs them with similar posts to make them easier to find.

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The great thing about Vernez is that it is so easy to move, alter and crop things to look exactly how you want. As well as being able to remove image background to create really clean layouts. For an interesting feed you should experiment with different layouts, rather than sticking to just the same one over and over which might get a little repetitive and isn’t as pretty when scrolling through the feed as a whole. Check out @vernez for interesting and cool ways of setting up your posts or flick through your favourite magazines and look at how they lay out their pages. I have a whole folder of pages torn from the pages of Vogue, i-D and LOVE magazine I have saved because I think the composition of the page is cool. Find layouts you like and use them to create something similar in mini-scale for your posts.

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Find other users easily by skimming through the feed or checking Vernez on twitter or instagram where they often share posts from their favourite users! Once you follow make sure to like and comment on others posts, and they’ll likely do the same. Make sure you include your blog link on your profile to direct users who like your posts towards your site.

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