How to become a Fashion Editor

Dreaming of a career as a Fashion Editor? Follow these tips and you will be one step closer!

Journalism is changing – so can you

The climate in fashion journalism today is changing rapidly as more and more is moving online, and less is published in print. Don’t let this bring you down though. Instead, educate yourself in today’s new different kinds of media, and seize every opportunity it has offer. Make it work as your strength!

Network wherever you are

As more and more is moving online, so is networking. You no longer have to be based in NYC or London to make new industry contacts. Use social media to connect with people that inspires you, or that you aspire to. Be pro-active in your networking and discover new platforms to utilize. Post content that you are proud of, and reflects on your personal style and aesthetics.

Take chances

This might go without explanation, but you can’t succeed without trying.

Set realistic goals

Aim high, and keep your end goal in mind, but set it aside for a while to make sure that you can make the most out of every new opportunity, no matter how small it may seem. A long-term goal is a great way to keep you motivated, but don’t let it loose sight of how important every little step is.

Be in the know

Keep up to date with current trends and designers, what are fashion influencers wearing at the moment? Also update yourself about the history of fashion, by understanding this you can set today’s looks in context and understand fashion as a whole, and even start to predict the next big thing before anyone else.

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