How to be a Fashionista on a budget – The 80/20 rule

Wardrobe dissatisfaction is practically a universal problem. Whether you feel as if you have nothing to wear, your wardrobe is filled to the brim but you don’t know how to put your items together, or your tight budget is stopping you from shopping all the latest trends.

But fear not, let us introduce the 80/20 rule for a well-balanced wardrobe. It lets you take control of your shopping, and budget, by thoughtfully crafting a wardrobe that is satisfying and inspiring.

Sounds interesting? Now, let us explain.

The idea is that you allocate your seasonal shopping budget into two distinct portions; 80% of your budget goes towards carefully selected items to fill any gaps in your wardrobe. The other 20% is free to spend on sales and impulse buys.

The majority of your shopping budget should therefore go towards key quality items that you have spent a fair amount researching to find the perfect colour, material and price to enrich your wardrobe. Give these items careful thought to make sure they go with what you currently own.

An easy tip is to follow an item in Vernez, to get inspiration and make sure it goes well with your own style. Seen two similar items, but not sure which one to buy? Follow both to see what gives the most outfit ideas!

The remaining 20% of your budget is for any impulse buys and whims – see it as the icing of the cake! This is for when you see that odd item you never thought you needed, but goes oh-so-well with your latest pre-planned item. It’s for all the spontaneous finds, experimental trends, and anything that strikes your fancy in the moment!

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