Vernez Influencers Academy (VIA)

Different from most fashion sites, Vernez is so much more than just shopping.

We provide support to those who aspire to become a fashion influencer and make an impact by expressing their own opinions on styles. Our app provides super fun and user- friendly tools to edit any photos and any products. But we understand that sometimes a little guidance shared from experienced fashion professionals could also help those with potential go a long way and faster.
And this is what VIA is all about!
Here we provide workshops, networking events with brands and lots of exclusive opportunities to grow your own fan base!

What will I get from the academy?

These sessions are designed to help you create excellent fashion content that attracts and engages readers. Our wide- ranged topics run from how to spot future trends to very tangible skills such as how to make a beautiful outfit collage. You can practice everything you learned on Vernez app, and ask questions any time.
We believe our talented users are the real heroes who made Vernez the best of its kind. That’s why we do everything we can to promote them. As a VIA member, you will have the exclusive opportunity to be added into our recommended list, which means every user on our platform will see you, and follow you if they like what you create. This is by far the quickest way of growing (genuine) followership comparing to any other platforms!
We host networking events regularly with some of the most exciting brands in fashion. Many of them are on the hunts for influencers to collaborate with. As a VIA member, you will receive exclusive invitation to these events and may even get introduced personally!
What’s the cost? It’s completely free. We are believers of talents and we support them with all of our hearts.

Join us on our next event or workshop now!

Here are a few examples for what’s coming up soon – See you there!

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